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Don't uselessly disperse energies we beg to attentively read the informative following on as and where to retrieve information in the case you will personally to research - exclusively the Province of Mantova 

many emigrants (especially in the countries of the Sudamerica), descending of Italian citizens for birth, they often turn him to the Offices of Register some launchings Communes or to the Files, with the purpose to retrieve the necessary documentation to show the Italian origin for the purchase of the citizen "iure sanguinis".   
- The most greater part of the applicants don't know the exact Comune of birth of the ancestors: in this case it results essential to exactly furnish us: Last name and name, give of birth (at least the year) the name of father and mother. Only with these information it is possible to effect the search near the Archives of State on the militar lists of the whole Province, beginning from the year of birth 1847.  
- The data of the lists of lever regarding the Province in Mantua have been inserted in a database by to consult to the Archives of State that allows to resolve, in the majority of the cases, the problem of the individualization of the Town hall of birth .  
after having made the application 
- If the person is born after 1871, the Archives of State, send to the Town hall of birth for competence, and it informs who has made the application. The Town hall, will directly give the certification to who has made the application. 

- If the person is born before 1871, the Archives of State, send the application to the Archives Diocesan , with the photocopy of the data with the indication of the Commune of birth. 
The Archives Diocesan, send at the Parish of the Commune of birth with the purpose to retrieve the news . The Parish, send at Archives Diocesan in triplex copy for the necessary authentication of the Episcopalian Curia. The authenticated action is sent to the applicant. 

- In the case of people of female sex of which the place of birth is not known: the research one is not possible of the lists of lever that are reported only to the males. It is necessary to furnish manifold elements of search that the applicants almost ever possess and in these cases it is practically impossible to furnish news or documents.   
- The territory of the Province in Mantua has, and has had in the past, different histories: 
- the annexation in different years to the unity of Italy has caused diversifications in the 
documentations of the registers, that have varied since 1866 to 1871.  
- Many bordering communes with the Province of Cremona, also being currently in the Province in Mantua, they belong to the Diocese of Cremona, therefore there is not accords specify for a collaboration as that in action among the city Archives. 


News exclusively the city of Mantova  

The Registers of is Civil some inhabitants of the City of Mantua they are preserved near the file of the Civil State in the " Via Gandolfo n. 11, Mantova" 
from the year: 1891 to today for Birth * 
from the year: 1926 to today for the Death and the Marriage. * * 
* (people been born in the Commune, even if not residents) 
* *(dead people or marriages even if not residents) 

The preceding years the Registers are deposited near the Historical file Comunale  
Cultural center Swaps, " n 88 Corso Garibaldi -Mantova  " 
according to the following criterions: 
  - from September 1871 to 1890 for the Birth; 
  - from September 1871 to 1925 for the Death and the Marriage. 
Before 1871 (year of institution of the Civil State to Mantua), the actions were of competence of the relative Parish (1s), but the Historical Archives he can still retrieve some ancient copies of parish registers of the years: 
- from 1750 to 1788-dal 1797 to 1807 for the Birth 
- from 1714 to 1727-dal 1740 to 1744-dal 1748 to 1760-dal 1772 to 1806 for the Death. 
- from 1806 to 1815 (2) 
(1) the original register of the Parishes of the City of Mantua are preserved in the Historical Archives Diocesan near the Episcopalian building in Sordello plaza, Mantua. 
(2) Is profit to specify that during the Napoleonic period and exactly in 1806, is controled with special laws, the registers of birth, death and marriage in the relative Town hall - with the fall of Napoleone, in 1815, the situation returned in the hands of the Parishes. In the case of the city of Mantua the registers are also preserved in the Archives of Stato.  

It is necessary to remember that the registry, is founded in 1811 by Napoleone. The relative actions are preserved the Archives of the registry of "via Gandolfo n.11, Mantova, according to the following formality: 
- sheets of family from 1936; 
- practices of emigration from 1965; 
- practices of immigration from 1965; 
The documentation related to the preceding years is deposited in the Archives Historical of the Town hall and include: 
- registry index books: 1832-1833 and 1840 (with the reference of the house);   
- registry index books: 1852 and 1874 (with reference to the sheets of family); 
- censuses up to 1936.  
- practices of emigration from 1882 to 1959; 
- practices of immigration from 1882 to 1909 and from 1919 to 1956; 

The Archives Historical in the Town it doesn't release certificates 
It is possible only the consultation of the paper and the search . The certifications, is competence of the Office of "Stato Civile" or of registry. 

- there is not a model to compile 
- The access in the room of study of the Archives Historical in the Town and in the others Archives is free, in the schedules of opening to the public, previous simple question of consultation in free paper.   
In the three city Files (and in all the Communes) the searches are free, they are available fit research tools, above all it is possible to count on the availability and competence of the personnel.