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In date 10 December 1997, with legal action, bears the Association of the Mantovani in the World, genesis of the experiences and initiatives written under . Legal center in Mantua, by Solferino 36, picks up in all the Province bonds by now consolidated of the communities mantovane of all the world.

1971- Bears S.Paolo the Association of the Mantovani in Brazil (A.M.B)
1988- Bears Buenos Aires the Mantovano Circle
1990- Bears to Magnacavallo (MN) the" Committee for the Monument to the Emigrant"
1995- Bears to Magnacavallo (MN) the" Committee for the September 1995 for the Emigrant"
1996- Bears the Promoting Committee for the Constitution of the Association of the Mantovani in the World
1997- Constituted the Association of the Mantovani in the World. 
1997- Bears the Association of the "Mantovani nel mondo"
1998- Bears to Brisbane l" Association of the Ostigliesi- Mantovani in the World in Australia"

The A.M.M. spontaneous and apolitical, center of his activity is use to advantage the mantovane community in the world. In Italy, with the Public Institutions to all the levels. (State, Region, Province, Common)
Pursues moral, cultural and relief ends, spokesman of the demands of the citizens and of the communities, promotes initiatives to guardianship of the Emigrants.Establishes useful contacts with all those social organizations, politics, religious and cultural that they share the purposes of the Association. Objective of the A.M.M.: valorization and guardianship of the Mantovani, in connection with the Institutions in the fields of the Culture, of the Tradition, of the Job and of the Commerce.
Promote and patronize cultural intercourses, affective, environmental, social, folk with the Emigrants, facilitating socioeconomic exchanges, productive beside or with entrepreneurial, professional public and private structures in Mantua, Province and to the foreign countries.
Purses of study, professional improvements, seminars, publications on history, culture, traditions reality economic-industrial mantovana.
Collaboration with Public Institutions Comunitarie and Extracomunitarie for solution of all problems of the Emigration.